First-generation College Student’s Academic Success Made Possible by AlamoPROMISE

March 28, 2024

District Communications

MAR24-APSSOM-News Feature 932x621.jpgAlamoPROMISE Student of the Month - March 2024, SPC Student, Abram Tenorio


Abram Tenorio, a first-generation student at St. Philip’s College (SPC), is a prime example of how students can achieve great things when financial barriers are removed. As a graduate of MacArthur High School, Abram qualified for the AlamoPROMISE program, a last-dollar scholarship that covers 100 percent of tuition and fees for graduating seniors from partner high schools. In Fall 2023, he began pursuing an Associate of Science degree at SPC.

atenorio01-400x300.jpgAn exemplary student, Abram is well known among SPC leadership as an individual with a bright future. “Abram is one of the hardest working and dedicated students I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 18 years in higher education”, said Elizabeth Castillo, Director of First Year Experience at SPC.

During his first semester, he balanced a heavy 19-credit hour semester with straight A’s while also participating in the Student Leadership Institute and First Year Experience Program. Through persistence and dedication, he earned an additional 15 credit hours through CLEP exams. Although he is still early in his college career, to date, he has already earned an impressive total of 46 credit hours while maintaining a 3.88 GPA.

Abram attributes his academic achievements and success to the AlamoPROMISE program.

atenorio02-400x300.jpg.jpg“This program has alleviated the financial burden of my education, allowing me to channel my focus toward academic excellence and retain my enrollment at the Alamo Colleges. It reminds me of my responsibility to excel and contribute positively to our communities,” said Abram.

Before beginning his college journey, Abram landed his first internship at CPS Energy in the Customer Resolutions & Solutions Engineering Department. During his time at CPS, he began working for Lizzete De Leon Bocanegra, whom he credits as a mentor and someone who recognized his potential even before he recognized it himself.

“Lizzette saw something in me that I have yet to find. Her belief in my abilities has been impacting my life every day and setting me on a path of ongoing success as both a student and an intern. I am eternally grateful for her instrumental role in my development,” said Abram.

He is now embarking on his second internship as a Control Systems/EMS SCADA Analyst Intern, where he will continue to grow and apply his engineering knowledge.

At the March 2024 Alamo Colleges District Board (ACD) meeting, Abram was recognized for his outstanding achievements as the AlamoPROMISE Student of the Month. During the meeting, Abram thanked leadership for their support and the opportunities provided for him as an ACD student.

atenorio03-400x300.jpg“The AlamoPROMISE program has been the first chapter of my success story towards obtaining an engineering license and degree. It has been the lifeline that has connected my dreams and aspirations to higher education together. Your investment in students like me is a bold statement of faith in our potential,” said Abram.

After graduating from SPC, Abram plans to transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) with the support of the AlamoPROMISE to UTSA Bold Promise program, where qualifying students can have their tuition and fees covered for four fall and spring semesters within a two-year period. At UTSA, he will pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.

Abram believes the most important thing is to set an example and show others that with dedication and the right support, anyone can overcome obstacles and succeed. His success is a testament to the transformative power of the AlamoPROMISE program eliminating financial barriers to higher education. He hopes his college journey sends a message to future generations that no dream is too big if you're willing to put in the work.